potentialengine - A Ground-Breaking Business Analysis Platform

Running a successful hospitality business is hard. Restaurant business consumer trends deftly illustrate that owner and employee focus & passion for delicious food, great service and a good helping of gut intuition simply aren’t enough.  Today’s customer driven service industry landscape is constantly changing and ongoing success demands a timely in-depth understanding of many operational factors, market intelligence, ongoing analysis and rapid action.

Chef and restaurateur David Chang adeptly sums up the current restaurant conundrum: “We don’t have the margins that tech has — we just don’t. Across the board, food should be more expensive, but people aren’t ready to accept that yet. Until that can happen, we have to figure out how to create enough profitability, so we can provide for all of our employees.”

Los Angeles based potentialengine has created a platform that takes raw data from of any POS system via Excel or CSV file to create an instant & searchable 360 degree dynamic analysis of Hospitality sales data. It is a handy ‘bolt-on’ to any legacy or modern cloud-based POS system capable of fast adoption and low-cost implementation.

The potentialengine application uses a unique, screen-based ‘Visor’ - think Tom Cruise manipulating data in Minority Report. This unique fluid graphical user interface lets the user quickly explore industry standard, revenue-based metrics such as: product mix, day parts, sales channels and payment types at lightning speed.

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